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First & Best!OYANG KIKONG-High quality lamination is the essential to produce progressive, energy-efficient products. We can give you nswers with advanced technology and experiences in motor cores. With experience and passion, we provide you with the best laminations to meet your specifications.

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Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company.

Since its foundation in 1995, we have grown as a manufacturer and supply company that has produced various motor cores, which are used in the consumer electronics.

During the past 20 years after the establishment of the company, we have made an effort to manufacture and supply the best products that meet customer satisfaction through close communication with customers on product development and manufacturing. We have achieved growth as a supply company of core products to both domestic and overseas motor and compressor companies based on our technical skills and trust.

Such company growth was made possible through constant internal innovation, research and development, and daring equipment investment to satisfy our customers’ requirements. We recognize and appreciate our customers as our partners that are growing alongside us.

For even greater success in the future, we promise to do our best to be a leader that finds the best ways to fulfill the various requirements of our domestic and foreign customers as we actively cope with the changing business circumstances in our industry.

CEO Message

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